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A path to create your AI

Create personal or business Memori and train it to become yourself! Use the power of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Memori will learn to respond like you  keeping your memories like a digital diary. Your simulations may be public or private, business or consumer, when those who you love will present themselves to your Memori, it will talk to them as if it were you!

Create it today


After you have created your AI you can download it in a digital box. You will have objects to identify you and your loved ones and your memories will be safe and centralized.


Train your Minds day after day. Create memories, questions and suggestions, leave them to those you love and invite them to this private network where you can present who you are in the world.


You can create usefull simulation for your Brand and we are working with our customer for custom API integration. After the creation your can share your AI in multiple channels: Web, Google Home, Alexa, Telegram, Facebook and everywhere you want!

Privacy First

Once you have your device you can interact with it via cloud, via mobile, via voice and it will be an IoT object with a BIG difference with any device of this type: you can disconnect it from the network! Remember, it updates itself over the network and you can feed it from any source, but when you talk to it, it only listens to you when you press the button to turn it on, when you turn it off, it doesn’t listen to you anymore. When you disconnect it from the mains it can be used forever wherever it is found. The only way to keep your memories safe is to have them with you.

The first AI community

In addition to your personal Memori you can also create simulations of historical or invented characters. You can create Memori to impersonate your Brand and to talk about your works and services. Little by little an AI community will be available to anyone and everyone will have their digital twin today to represent themselves.

Multi Channel

Create your own Memori in cloud and display it on the web, mobile, Google Home, Alexa and many other channels. Your brand or your digital twin will be available everywhere as soon as you have carried out your training and instructed it to respond correctly.

Need more information? Contact Us Now!

Memori is a new experience. It is useful for both consumers and businesses. You can create interactive routes for those you love and for your contacts and customers. It’s normal for you to have any questions from headlights, so don’t hesitate, write to us now an email to: info AT