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AI & Natural Language Processing

We help companies planning and creating their services and databases available for Natural Language Processing programs or Machine Learning projects.

Using our products, companies but also common people get able creating their digital twin, as a person or a project, or a brand too, making it questionable with natural language.


Build conversations to allow your brand talking with Memori.AI or automating your web, mobile and IoT processes.

Site: https://memori.ai

Spaces Managements and Smart Stores

We can digitalize all your business processes displaying them into services and applications making them useful to be questioned with natural language.


What if I don’t have any suitable service?

Do you think you haven’t ready products building your conversion projects (vocal or written)? Please contact us to know processes and programs we can help you building and how your company can take advantage from that type of interactions.

Mission & Vision

Create your own company’s or people’s digital twin

Memori Srl is an innovative start-up established in 2017.

Since then we have focused our energies producing proprietary software useful for linguistic recognition management. We have focused our attention on creating vocal projects useful for shaping the DIGITAL TWIN, being a person or a company. A digital alter ego that can be interrogated with natural language. From this research, Memori.AI (a product that helps companies creating their own conversational projects) and Memori Twin (a project developed thanks to Memori.AI that allows crerating their own digital twin) were born.

Memori.AI for Industry 4.0

We can give you experts team in business processes digitization and collaborate with your IT. We created interfaces to complex ERP systems so we will guide you creating a warehouse of information useful to improve your processes and the services you offer to your customers.

Experimental projects developed with the help of Memori.AI

We are our main customer. We get to better understand the needs of a company that has to create an advanced chatbot as we use our product for our projects. Memori TWIN was starting point of our startup. It allows you to create your own digital twin and make it evolve up to display it on voice devices or meet it through a mobile application up to its management on a dedicated device designed according to Privacy First concepts.

Our History

We created Memori TWIN starting from a real and personal problem, we evolved by abstracting our conversational engine into a product that allowed us to create our company’s Memori and then we started building projects on the business front that made our programs and our interfaces evolved. We have a clear roadmap for the future of our products. If you want to find out more about who we are and what we do, all you have to do is to ask Memori directly.


The heart of our processes is conversations design

When a user has to use common software to generate conversations, he is faced with what he would not want his users to find again: complex and not very usable interfaces. A thousand arrows to connect and paths to learn. In Memori we take care of interaction between man and machine in every detail. Those who train a Memori will always do it from simple interfaces and conversing as much as possible. Memori never leaves you alone into creation process and you can create new conversational interfaces for your customers.



What can we do for you?

Business process automations

Digitalize the moment that a product is created. Associating with tags and information of time, space. Tracking production chain, your product’s life and make it questionable with natural language.

New interfaces

A presence more closer to user experience thanks to cross device, that’s possibility to interact with an AI and lead same conversation through different devices that bring us during the day.


Research and development

Memori Srl is an innovative startup skilled in study of human-machine interaction. Projects we will develop with your company could enjoy benefits of Tax Credit for Research and Development (according to italian tax system).

Smart Device Control

A conversation is not just about words. Our architectures can be managed through voice, chat, voice devices but also interactions with IoT objects. Conversation is composition of your behaviors and interactions.

Hardware & Software solutions

Our software runs on web, mobile, voice devices like Google Home and Alexa. We can also realize proprietary voice devices and solutions that can work both offline and online.

Premium Customer Service

If you want developing custom project you will have a single contact person designing your interfaces and entering into your business dynamics in order to identify where we can work together.

R & D

Research and Development

Please contact us for a 15 minute call where you will see how to modify your business processes with Memori. We will identify IoT and development interventions useful to create complex conversational projects. Thanks to projects you will start with Memori you should have access to benefits of italian tax system Transition 4.0, chapter innovation of business processes in digital optics.

Language Recognition

Processes of language recognition (NLP) are combined with interfaces and diagrams that we make available to companies creting a complete system of Natural Language Understanding (NLU).
NLU is a technology based on the understanding of natural language that allows chatbots figuring out unstructured human language. These chatbots are context-sensitive, i.e. they can work without exact keyword matches.

Machine Learning

Informations you directly (and indirectly) accumulate can be studied and organized into data models that allow you creating entire databases of questions, answers, highly specialized stories about your field of reference. From these informations you can then generate natural language interactions.

Emergent Technologies

Care of advanced technology. Today study of tomorrow’s technologies, leads us to suggest innovative solutions creating new opportunities for your company and your customers.

We have experience and partners in augmented reality, virtual reality, home automation, scalable and robust cloud architectures.


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