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From web to IoT programming. From AI algorithms implementation to conversation usability design. From analysis to company processes design, to marketing processes. From AI algorithms implementation to conversation usability design.

Memori Srl is an innovative start-up established in 2017.
Since then we have focused our energies on proprietary software production for language recognition management. We focused our attention on voice projects creation for shaping the DIGITAL TWIN as a person or a company. A digital alter ego which can be interrogated with natural language.

Searching for right Team has brought capital increase and new partners.
2017 and 2018 have been years of “study” and corporate identity growth relative to original vision that remained the same, creating
In the last period “oneself” concept is applicable also to corporate organizations that want using the voice to start communication projects directed to clients/suppliers/users/employees or integration projects man – machine – process (i.e. loading or unloading vocal management in a warehouse).
The company has so self-financed and it has been able to start both consumer front and business front.

Core Values

Privacy First

Each project includes a study component to preserve users privacy. We will never use our projects data to get profiling for advertising use and we will always plan our work so the user will have the absolute safety of being creation owner.


Our conversations can be performed on different devices, you can manage context by remembering where they started and where they continued so you can follow them throughout your experience.


Development methods according to test procedures, continuous integration, agile sprints and constant retrospectives help us maintaining the high degree of precision of our projects.

Local First

We don’t want our projects being exclusively tied to cloud losing value without connection. We work oriented to guarantee functionality offline and local thanks to our hardware and software framework. This value is extremely related to privacy because the best way having real ownership of your projects and data is being able having them and making them work also in local environment.

Vibrant ideas

Our worksites plan innovative roadmap that never stop to bet on the impossible. We want to dream following science fiction we grew up with making it real. Our simulations, architectures, projects that we imagine start from our creative necessity that for each step start imagine next evolution.

Research and study

Each project includes research and development phase to organize data and processes in useful format being then delivered to our conversational algorithms.



Nunzio Fiore


Gianluca Bertani


Simone Chioatto


Mattia Trentini

Marketing and Production

Aldo Chiaradia

Investor and Cloud/DevOps support






Product Management