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If you could create your own digital twin, instructing it so it could answer with your words to anyone’s questions or reserving thoughts, advice, stories only to your loved ones; probably the question you should answer now would be exclusively: what am I waiting for?


Things you can do

How can you create your TWIN?

You can create your TWIN via chat, writing, talking to him. You can train him becoming like you. We studied a wide conversational scheme that over time will try simulating more and more closely a real conversation. Those who will talk to your TWIN will believe they are talking with you. You will have the opportunity to leave thoughts, memories, stories, emotions. You can choose leaving them public or dedicate them to those you love. We take care of privacy so it’s impossible for anyone to read the contents of what you write. We have a device at roadmap which you can use enclosing yourself and which can be used both offline and online. There are no limits for what you can create with your TWIN Memori. Some people created a diary in the future for themselves or other persons used it describing a journey stages that can retrace people who love them. You could have your personal Artificial Intelligence growing over time, you just have to start now.



You can access your Memori TWIN from cloud.getmemori.com. You can create a Memori that tells sotries to others about you or a historical character. You can create experiences sharing them with the ones you love. You can tell your Memori your secrets and turn it into a diary / interactive digital assistant.


In the near future we will also release the mobile application from which you can continue to talk to your Memori TWIN or to those you love in an ongoing conversation. Put on your headset and start telling yourself discovering what your TWIN can do for you


You will have a personal device for your TWIN Memori. You will have symbols to give to your loved ones identifing themselves and talking to your TWIN as if they were talking to you. You can use it for work, you can instruct your TWIN to do certain actions in a room. You can also use it offline because the only way to keep your information safe and be free from the software manufacturers and their production locks is using it offline.


Giver & Receiver

You are Memori TWIN Giver. You are creator. You can instruct her to be what you want, who you want and leave your thoughts both public and to specific people (Receiver). They can be invited to your Memori TWIN and make their own creating together an innovative network of Personal Artificial Intelligence.