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Memori.AI allowed us building several projects. In particular we were able creating Memori Twin for making digital twins of people, historical characters, book style games and much more.


Conversational services engine for realizing your own vowels messages, chatbot. Exposing them via Google Home, Alexa, Webapp, Mobile, IoT. Discover all you can do with Memori.AI and how we can help you building new interfaces for your processes.

Your conversational project

The experience gained with the Memori TWIN and Memori.AI projects has allowed us to start different types of projects. We can range from industrial processes automation, turning them into natural language conversations, to entertainment and marketing projects for our community. If you are curious to know how we could transform your company or improving your efficiency, press “contact us” now.

Memori TWIN

The soul that gave life to the company. You can create your own digital twin by chatting or talking to him. We will display TWIN Memories on webapp, mobile, voice devices and a proprietary device. We give particular relevance to privacy with architecture design and privacy device first project. You can leave thoughts, memories, questions, suggestions, public and private stories for your loved ones. It’s just a way to exist forever and to explore yourself, creating an adventure for the ones you love.

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